We love data – unlimited.

DATAlovers AG offers enterprises a business solution that can easily be used as „software as a service.“

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With bearch – the business search engine – you will find the right niche, perform market analyses, and identify really exciting target-group segments. 

Thus, we overcome the traditional limitations of off-line and on-line, of classic corporate data and new data, of industries, markets, and countries, as well as of structured and unstructured data: new data — new business — unlimited.

We know your next
1.000 customers!

Our offer is beyond Data. We provide you with answers-solutions while we use lead prediction (AI) algorithms .

DATAlovers is able to predict you next best customer (group). For this we use lading edge algorithms of machine learnning which enables us to gain amazing results.


New concepts for lead generation and the initial approach by adopting a genuine lead nurturing model.


Access to the largest data universe for the automated display of opportunities for communication and interaction.


Updates and content-specific knowledge.
Intelligent correlation of the data into groups facilitates the display of the best data.


Unique insights and control components for value-oriented CRM. New data points for real customer management.

About DATAlovers

In order to generate new business from new data – digital, web, social, mobile – new approaches and tools are required.

DATAlovers AG offers enterprises a business solution that can easily be used as „software as a service.“

Data is the new fuel for the growth of enterprises and markets. Intelligent collection, analysis, and use of data can systematically open up new business opportunities. In particular, with digital data such as web, mobile, social, and search, new customers, markets, and competitive advantages are readily available.