Traditional approaches to lead generation are inherently limited.

In the way they use available online and social data. In the way they handle that data. And in the way they reach out to customers and prospects.

The traditional approach is embodied by mailshots that sing your product’s praises, or an initial approach in the form of cold calls – in short, the classic push model. Addresses are purchased from external sources or generated via promotions and campaigns. Key moments and requirements are overlooked, and acceptance levels within the target group decrease over time. Surely, there must be a better way.

We thinks so too! With the bearch Business Search Engine you can improve your sales performance via new concepts for lead generation and the initial approach by adopting a genuine lead nurturing model. We show you how.

How does it work?

The process is thinkable simple. It is visualized in the following diagram.

1. In consultation with you, we receive a list of your ideal (existing) customers.
2. bearch+ can immediately find these customers in our database and provide the stored attributes.
3. bearch+ (our artificial intelligence) estimates your individual customer-DNA.
4. From the customer-DNA bearch+ calculates so-called statistical twins. For this purpose, the specific customer-DNA of your target customers is transfered to the entirety of all companies.

Your Name

Your E-mail



Smart Sales Data

Make searching easy with DATAlovers and bearch.

Simply say to bearch:

“Get me the digital contact details of the CEOs of all businesses that offer marketing automation software, that are expanding into new markets, businesses that are on an upward trend and that are active online and in social media. Oh and can you make sure that they’re green IT businesses as well?”

bearch mixes a range of data sources so intelligently that you get a matching list of businesses and contacts, just the way you ordered it.

Relevant businesses and points of contact are automatically selected and profiled. Using traditional data (firmographics), alongside the digital signatures of webpages (central content) and social media presences, blended with targeted technologies, techniques, and marketing methods so that you get exactly the information you need.

Thanks to precise and accurate profiling of content, channels, and requirements, you can address your target audience on an individual level with appropriate, specific content to win new customers, cross sell, and upsell.

The best thing: searching using bearch is as easy as googling. The intuitive self-service search generates results completely independently, whatever you’re looking for, whenever you want it.

Predictive Sales

Make selling easy with DATAlovers and bearch.

Make selling easy with bearch:

supplier of fasteners and fixing technologies is seeking new customers outside its core markets in the automotive and construction sectors. In addition, it would like to increase the size of the user base for its e-commerce store. Using bearch, it generates leads and identifies e-commerce savvy users who weren’t on its radar beforehand. Each potential contact is assigned a probability of conversion. By learning the relevant feedback, lead management is systematically optimized.

You give bearch the description for your target groups and bearch identifies potential new customers for you. Discover new markets and develop new business – automatically.

How does it work? Businesses are described via the data vectors that encapsulate over 10,000 business vectors. bearch creates a profile that it uses as a basis to identify lookalikes – statistical twins – via online search.

That’s not all it does bearch also goes beyond the traditional targeting approach to identify leads and markets outside the traditional targeting approach for you when you ask it to display potential purchasers. This allows you to find potential sweet spots that your business had previously overlooked – with an assessment of your likelihood of success included.

In addition, bearch also provides the same assessment of success for the right way to get in touch: maybe a direct message on Xing or LinkedIn will be more promising than a phone call or e-mail.

Sales Signals

Make communication easy with DATAlovers and bearch.

Stop! Pick up on the right signals for your initial approach – bearch makes it easy!

mail order retailer has reconfigured its merchant software, hired new employees and expanded into Eastern Europe. All this translates into an ideal opportunity for the sales team to take things to the next level – both in terms of time and content. Getting the right e-mail and LinkedIn contact details allows the team to rapidly make contact with potential customers directly.

Almost nothing is more important in business than approaching the right person at the right time, and that’s exactly what bearch Sales Alerts offer you – in a straightforward, timely manner. When is the best time to make a sales approach? When a new technology is being rolled out, when you’re expanding into new countries, when you’re launching a new product, or when a license is expiring? There are so many opportunities – and bearch finds them all. Not only that, the sales trigger can also be used as an opportunity to make the initial approach and begin negotiations, saving you valuable time.

DATAlovers makes it simple with bearch.

bearch has many uses – overcome the limitations of your sales process.

  • bearch systematically uncovers new business potential for you, helping you to win new customers and generate opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.
  • bearch displays qualified sales accounts and points of contact – all you have to do is click.
  • bearch finds new target groups, markets, and even sweet spots.
  • bearch tells you when the best time is to get in touch, and what content you should include in your approach.
  • bearch increases the quality of your forecasts and conversions.
  • bearch shows you how the most successful businesses make the sale.

Take bearch’s advice: be unlimited and successful!