Knowledge is power.

Can there be anyone who’s never heard that saying? Knowledge about markets, competitors, and trends, also means power: entrepreneurial power that makes it a particularly valuable property.

But what is the current position in your business really like? Immensely powerful knowledge is marginalized, with data being compiled manually. Interesting new approaches can fade into the data jungle. Meanwhile, benchmarks and actively predictive events can be completely silenced.

Meanwhile, entire armies of human resources are spent on finding new ways to add impetus to your business. Despite this, half of these opportunities are overlooked.
It’s more than an area for potential improvement: it’s actively costing you money. A lot of money.

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Make benchmarking simple with DATAlovers and bearch.

Without bearch, you may be wondering how:

We, a traditional mail order distributor,in the process of transforming ourselves into an e-commerce business, invest a six-figure sum each year in order to move more of our business online. What are results are we getting from these investments, compared to other businesses in the same sector and with the same number of employees? Which comparable sectors are doing more, and how much more successful are they in generating revenue and growth?

bearch gives you the answer

bearch knows all the answers and all about one-man-band online retailers, family-owned SMEs, and major listed companies. bearch contains an entire corporate universe that’s waiting to be discovered. This allows you to select your own unique group of comparators, making it easy to use specific figures to form the basis of your comparison. From traditional corporate ratings through to social media engagement, the extent of digitization and online involvement, or the quality of your competitors’ content – nothing is beyond bearch’s reach.

With bearch, there are no limits apart from your imagination. Really, none! Content generation is handled algorithmically and dynamically. Whatever benchmarks you need, we’re certain that it’s just a few clicks away.

Competitor, partner and market monitoring

Make monitoring easy with DATAlovers and bearch.

Make it easy to keep everything within view:

software company would like to know which other providers have supply software to its customers, which new suppliers are likely to be added, and which companies are no longer suppliers. As an extension to the use case, a sales trigger is created to find businesses that have a similar partnership approach, but which are not yet customers of the software company.

The ability to monitor competitors, partner networks or entire markets depends on the ability to reliably identify the relevant groups.

bearch doesn’t use traditional keywords, classifications, or even pre-defined models. Instead, our outputs are generated “on the fly” as the result of the peer groups that you search for. Our job is to monitor the relevant aspects of the data, as our knowledge covers all self-published content relating to businesses that are available online.

You ask, and bearch answers!

Simplicity with DATAlovers and bearch.

bearch researches for you. Discover unlimited research.

    • bearch creates intelligent, appropriate groups of comparators in order to generate exactly the right results.
    • bearch literally turns data into profits. Unlimtied access to up-to-date, content-specific knowledge makes it possible.
    • bearch knows that, with more accurate knowledge, and more of it, you can lead your business into the future in a more targeted way, leading to greater success across the board.

Use bearch, bring yourself up-to-date and become unlimited