Everyone is talking about “Big Data” – everyone. And even though everyone seems to know what they’re doing, we noticed something:

Entrepreneurs don’t utilize useful data in a profitable way, even when they could use it to systematically optimize their marketing. Digitally available data, to name one example, has enormous potential.

Modern Marketing is supposed to target groups individually through “Push and Pull-Marketing,” contextually addressing specific targets with the right content at the right time. However, we think current strategies are too timid and traditional. Entrepeneurs seem to still be wary of the digital data universe, which is too bad. But that’s where we enter the scene!

Want an overview? bearch supports companies` classic marketing efforts, as well as new approaches and intelligent content marketing. And that’s not all. Let us show you.

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Smart Marketing Data

Marketing made simple with DATAlovers – and bearch.

Just try bearch:

“bearch, can you deliver digitally savvy contacts from sustainable and expanding companies from the Bavarian region that serve banks?”

bearch is up to this challenge, and all others.

Looking for the right target group for your product? For a campaign? For a whole new idea? bearch awaits these challenges. bearch goes beyond the usual classic industry and company segments, returning appropriate accounts and contacts, hardly any scattering losses, and high response probabilities. What more could you want?

Take the bearch customer segmentation: you provide content and requirements and bearch makes the selection, going beyond classic industries and typologies. The new concept-search-approach is the key to success. It finds trending current topics like “Renewable Energy” or “Green IT.” Simple. Customized. Just bearch.

Predictive Marketing

Find your audience easily, with DATAlovers. And with bearch.

Be successful with bearch:

A gift retailer doubled its audience and response rate for its mailing during its Christmas special by using Predictive bearch.

bearch automatically searches anything you need. The right audience for your new campaign? Go ahead! You just provide bearch with example customer data to show whom and what you’re looking for. This data will automatically be supplemented with extensive business attributes. bearch will look for a new and expanded audience as similar to your sample data as possible. That way intelligent and automatized audiences can be built and expanded. So what is your desired target group supposed to look like? Tell us. And bearch.

Content Marketing

Simply create content with DATAlovers. And with bearch.

Just use the right data:

You can generate infographs automatically with bearch that show, for instance, the development of the business performance in relation to the application of certain technologies, the digital degree of maturity, or the ad-effort.

The universe is infinite – and so is bearch’s underlying data universe. Almost, at least. And it can be used for the automatic creation of content. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “Content Marketing.”

In real-time, unaltered, and exciting business, insights can be generated through current data material. This way your content marketing relies on the newest, most important, and most exciting contents.

Marketing Signals

The right timing with DATAlovers. And with bearch.

Let the right signals decide your marketing:

Want an example? The topic of copyrights for user generated content has cropped up in the web monitoring industry because of new legal rules. A law firm specialized in that field coves the topic with a campaign outlining several solutions. The campaign contains an up-to-date infograph about the web monitoring solutions used in Germany. Aside from numerous direct requests, the firm manages to take over topic leadership in the digital realm.

Because the timing was perfect with bearch.

Nothing is as dynamic as change. What does that mean for marketing? Good marketing hinges on timing. That sounds easy – and it can be. Success depends on identifying and using relevant communications and engagement triggers early. There is nothing bearch can do better than that.

Trending topics within an industry, rising stars on a market, a company’s expansion into new countries – bearch offers the relevant market signals through alerts. That way marketing staff is always up to date and can (re)act quickly, before anyone else does. With bearch content-marketing, relevant insights can be targeted in real time. Convenient, right?

Simple with DATAlovers. And with bearch.

bearch can do a lot. Discover unlimited marketing:

  • bearch generates tailored marketing lists.
  • bearch discovers and profiles new expanded audiences.
  • bearch shows you qualified marketing accounts and contacts by simply pointing to them.
  • bearch automatically recognizes time- and content-intense communication and interaction sources.
  • bearch automatically creates relevant business content.
  • bearch increases the response rates of marketing campaigns and reduces tax burdens.
  • bearch answers the question: Where is your company situated compared to its peers regarding marketing?
  • bearch shows: What does the marketing of the most successful companies look like?

Use bearch. Be unlimited. Unlimited in demand.