It’s the same old story yet again: gaps in data combined with out-of-date informaton.

Incomplete data entries in unused CRM systems are absolutely everywhere, with the result that employees never receive any value-added information. Instead, they are downgraded to data entry clerks and feel as though they are being spied on all the time. All too often, no one has any faith in the quality of the data in any event. Is that really a good basis for functional customer relationships? Our view: of course not – and we imagine you feel the same way!

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Make added value easy with DATAlovers and bearch

Use bearch to find out what your customers really want:

Marketing material needs to address its target audience differently if it is to hit the spot, depending whether you’re aiming to reach a traditional industrial engineering firm or a ‘High-tech Manufacturing 4.0 player.’ The DATAlovers digital index allows you to create a unique selection of specific groups of users, targeted by their particular needs.

We have developed a digital index – a textbook case if you like to identify valuable additional information, content and other exciting things. The digitality of a business is then used as a way to guide its sales capacity, used as a way of modeling customer value, or more prosaically as a way of classifying a business as “online-friendly” or “traditionally grounded.” In each case, the scale used is highly differentiated, so that each application has a genuine ability to identify the correct target audience.

Enrichment / Enlargement

Make getting to know your customers easy with DATAlovers and bearch.

bearch lets you know everything about your customers:

For a drinks distributor efficient operations can mean the sales team knowing their customers’ opening times. If they also know that the customer is a social media friendly business with many active followers, they can tailor the product offering to meet the customer’s needs as effectively as possible.

Genuine customer management depends on always knowing what’s going on with your customers, because if you know that, you can plan your sales activity in an intelligent and forward-looking way. In addition, there are virtually no limitations on how you can enrich your available data. Unlimited in the truest sense of the word.

Either available data points can be supplemented by additional information, such as extra businesses with the same opening times, or it can be used to generate entirely new data points. These can include social media channels and the way the business uses them, as well as their followers and online activities – or, for that matter, anything else that springs to mind. bearch stores everything.


Update your data easily with DATAlovers and bearch.

Use bearch to ensure that you always stay up-to-date:

When marketing a new product, you obviously need your customer’s current phone numbers and e-mail addresses. In times of digital transformation, these can of course change frequently and the latest details are not always reflected in the database. Particularly when the business model is focused on the online space, customers of a network hardware provider, to always keep on top of their latest contact details. Our data validation, using our own techniques, has led to an update in 30% of available data and as a secondary benefit has identified duplicates in 5% of cases.

The practical value of a CRM system is determined by the value of the available data. It sounds complex, but the concept is actually quite simple: old or incorrect data are killers when it comes to users’ acceptance of the system – and that’s no exaggeration!

In order to prevent failure of sales and marketing campaigns, existing knowledge must be digitally aligned with externally available data. This is where our validation service comes in. We can take your existing data about your business customers and compare it with current online data and create an updated, consolidated dataset. Nothing could be easier. Don’t forget that only accurate, valid data has any value!

With DATAlovers and bearch.

bearch keeps you ahead of the game. Discover unlimited CRM.

    • bearch provides more data points, and provides you with more updates at regular intervals.
    • bearch contains unique insights and management tools for value-driven CRM.
    • bearch ensures that every data point contributes to genuine customer management – because anyone who cares about their customers will know what their customers have to say about themselves online.

Use bearch, remove the limits on customer friendliness, and be unlimited.