Nobody needs Artificial Intelligence? You’ll never want to do it without it again.

A search engine is a good solution, especially if the search can be done truly free. But how about a response engine? An engine that gives you the answer to the question: Who are most likely my next 1,000 customers?

Provide bearch with a selection of existing or desirable companies and bearch will give you new potential customers in return. Discover and tap into new markets. Automatically.

How it works? Companies are described on data vectors containing over 10,000 business attributes. Based on this lookalikes (statistical twins) are identified in the digital space.

But that’s not all. Bearch+ also identifies leads and markets you never even thought about, because they don’t appear in your previous selection. That allows you to find white spots that have not yet been processed by your company. An evaluation of the chances of success are included.

Bearch also provides you with indications for the correct way of addressing these customers: Is a personal message on Xing or Linkedin more successful than a call or an e-mail? Bearch will give you the answer.

You think that you know what kind of customer you’re looking for? Convince yourself of the accuracy and adaptability of machine-generated target groups. You will not regret it.

How does it work?

The process is thinkable simple. It is visualized in the following diagram.

1. In consultation with you, we receive a list of your ideal (existing) customers.
2. bearch+ can immediately find these customers in our database and provide the stored attributes.
3. bearch+ (our artificial intelligence) estimates your individual customer-DNA.
4. From the customer-DNA bearch+ calculates so-called statistical twins. For this purpose, the specific customer-DNA of your target customers is transfered to the entirety of all companies.