Find, label, and profile businesses and markets

Whether you want to find a new supplier, an SEO expert, or information about a new competitor, bearch is the first real full-text search engine that allows you to search the entire online content of a company. Take advantage of the range and depth available from bearch when looking for businesses.

In addition to search results, bearch delivers a variety of details about the businesses found, making it easier to find and view your results. Every single business is analyzed and evaluated according to a variety of metrics – for example the quality of its website, or its social media presence. Using this preliminary profile, you can further group your search results according to your findings. It’s up to you whether you design your inquiry to be simple or complex: bearch always delivers the businesses the match your criteria, delivering up-to-date, precise information. Try out the new way to search companies.

bearch - The Business Search Engine

What is bearch?


What is bearch?

    • 5.5 million companies
    • over 70 million searchable companies in the index. Sorting pages by their web presence lets you find out precise information – for example, you can find out which companies are references on which sites.
    • 12 billion terms in the content database allow you to limit your search results to exactly what you want

bearch fuses classic address data with the rapidly growing world of digital data, which is gaining more and more economic relevance. The classic information about a company (its name, address, sector, etc.) are also available. The online content of corporate websites is collected with a high-performance crawling-framework, and is validated and cleaned before being indexed. This allows us to map the landscape of German businesses in a depth and quality never seen before.

What is bearch?

What traits can be analyzed?

Whether you are interested in the basic features of a company, its social media presence, or the quality of its online presence, each of these traits enables the user to better understand search results, and to quickly and easily formulate new searches as necessary. The websites and basic data of the companies you look up are analyzed in various ways before being rated and indexed. The results of your survey are aggregated and visualized in your search results, allowing you to easily delve further and refine your inquiry accordingly.

What differentiates bearch from a simple directory?

The most important aspects are:

    • Search all of a company’s publicly available content from its online presence
    • Intelligent text analysis
    • Relevancy ranking
    • Structured organization of company data

The content analysis breaks down a company’s texts into words and recognizes their basic parts. That ensures that you find all the appropriate results to your search query. The relevancy ranking can be summarized as follows: the more a search term is present, the more important its results. Here, the qualities of individual words in text and the density of search terms is evaluated (keyword density). In your results, the most relevant businesses will be presented in the first positions, making your work with bearch quick and efficient.

    • real full text search in 5.5 million businesses with intelligent content analysis and relevancy ranking
    • new insight through analysis of businesses’ traits and characteristics
    • more efficient navigation through search results thanks to trait and character analysis